Pulse Fit Assistant


Software Designed for People Who Fit Ski Boots

The Pulse Fit Assistant is an iPad & web-based application that effectively addresses all aspects of your ski boot category sales.  Although the internet can’t fit your boots, technology can certainly help.  The Fit Assistant systematically takes your customers, and staff, through a fitting process that addresses performance needs, fitting requirements and add-on products.  The app is designed not to replace a fitter but to streamline the fitting process and ensure the best level of service, consumer loyalty, success, and bottom line.



Engaging Customer Relations

The Fit Assistant provides your customers and sales associates with an interactive tool that genuinely piques interest and instantly engages your customer into the fitting process, and guides both the associate and your customer through a journey.

One of the biggest brick and mortar retail challenges lies with engaging potential customers. Empowering your associates with tools to help engage is a proven technique to drive sales, add-ons, and conversion rates.

Personalization is key in delivering a unique experience to your clientele.


Empower Your Team

The Pulse Fit Assistant transforms your sales staff into trusted advisors. By prompting your sales associates with effective probing questions, Fit Assistant is able to make analytical based recommendations not only regarding boot selection, but also in recommending accessory items such as footbeds, socks, liners, and other fitting aids.


Assisted Sales

More often than not, a boot sale should also be accompanied by a footbed and sock sale, with the potential for other add ons such as heaters, and other accessories. Based on an individual’s wants and needs, The Fit Assistant is able to make appropriate product recommendations to ensure the best possible customer experience.



The app is designed so that your staff can work through the process together, or customers can begin the journey on their own with its’ user-friendly layout.

Prompts are given for a few important pieces of personal information to create a unique customer profile that can grow with the development of your customer relationship.

A number of key questions are asked with regards to skier history, terrain, style, background, etc.  These details are fed into our algorithm to effectively determine a ‘Performance Range’.  Our goal is to narrow the selection down to 4 models, however, this depends on your businesses’ unique product range.

Key measurements are then taken by your associates and entered into the ‘measurements’ element of the app where we can effectively suggest not only size but also suggest models based on manufacturers last or shape.

Depending on the customers' unique skier profile, the fit assistant can recommend add-ons and accessories such as footbeds, heaters, socks, booster straps etc, which can all be tailored towards your specific product lines.



Because the PULSE FIT ASSISTANT prompts your associates with key questions and provides customer recommendations, new, or less experienced associates have a powerful tool to make recommendations based on a proven algorithm developed through decades of international experience and resource.

Reduce Employee Cost

  • Increased add ons and conversion rates

  • Manage and effectively address staff performance as a group or specific to individuals


being Informative and having expertise earns trust and creates an experience

Knowledgable staff
= happy customers