Innovative Fitting Solutions for Retailers


We Take the Voodoo
Out of Boot Fitting



The new retail competitive advantage is no longer simply price and selection.  Providing your associates with tools that create a genuine and personalized consumer journey is essential in delivering a truly unique consumer experience.

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Fit Assistant


Software Designed for Boot Fitters.
The Pulse Fit Assistant is an iPad & web-based application that effectively addresses all aspects of your ski boot category sales. 


Injection & Thermo Liners


 We have developed two unique liners, designed to perfectly compliment a well fitting boot shell.  Their individual fitting needs effectively match each skier's needs, regarding performance and control.




Until now, it has been widely accepted that it isn’t possible to effectively stiffen a two-piece boot. Once we started working and experimenting with our prototype ProFlex and achieved the “impossible,” we quickly realized there was also a huge potential range of uses beyond simply stiffening hybrid boots.

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Boot Modification Tools


For the past 30+ years ski boot tools have been a leveraged press using a ball and cup to deform the shell or hydraulic presses placed inside the shell.  Move over industry standard and make way for boot modification innovation!